On this page are graphics that can be used to promote the event on your campus and on social media. Feel free to create your own campus specific materials but please make sure they follow the tone of the materials being used by Hands Up United and are consistent with the information on this site and the main event page.

Here are some suggestions for marketing the event on campus:

  • Recruit as many students as possible, and encourage them to register
  • Create a Facebook event and invite large numbers of students
  • Consider asking your college or university for funding
  • Post advertisements in campus publications and mailing lists
  • Reach out to graduate, law, and medical school students at your university

Be prepared to engage students and faculty on these national issues and their importance. We highly recommend an educational component to your preparation and advertising materials. STL Students in Solidarity has prepared some of our own educational materials, and would be happy to share them with interested groups.