WUSIS — Statement in Solidarity with Mizzou and Yale University


November 11th, 2015

At Washington University in St. Louis, we stand in solidarity with students at the University of Missouri. We see the pain and trauma that students of color are experiencing, and we will continue to speak and act against the racist power structures of universities and police forces that reinforce white supremacy.

Death threats from white people towards people of color, and the trivialization of marginalized students’ fear, pain, and resilience, have been pervasive throughout the history of America’s educational institutions.

For students of color, an education should not mean enduring consistent discrimination, marginalization, and disregard from administrators.

The acts of hate and violence on the University of Missouri campus have been frighteningly reminiscent of incidents occurring on college campuses across the nation. Washington University’s campus is all too familiar with threatening yik yaks, unsupportive faculty, racist police forces, and an administration that has failed to proactively protect faculty, students, and staff of color. As we witness similar events unfold at the University of Missouri, Yale, and other campuses, we recognize that these are not isolated incidents. They indicate how the structures upholding this country, including higher education, fail marginalized peoples.

Last year, when the St. Louis region was at war with white supremacy, many Mizzou students left Columbia and joined the fight. Many more offered much-needed words of solidarity. Now, we stand ready to join and support Mizzou however we are needed.

Concerned Student 1950, we are proud of your radical resistance work and sacrifice that is not only making equitable change a possibility, but a reality. We love and support you.


St. Louis Students in Solidarity, Washington University branch
W.U. Association of Black Students
W.U. +People Like Us: QPOC Support Group